5 Cafes In Tokyo | Retrospective Showa Period Style For Oneself



Access:Facebook@1 ROOM Coffee

This small cafe in Itabashi, as the name describes, is just about 1 room size. The shop is decorated with white walls, wooden tables and chairs. You can find that the chair surface is made of velvet.
The most special drink is lemon soda coffee. This drink is a combination of three common drinks and it tastes very special. In addition, the toast is made from a steam oven and is completely different from the home oven. 
According to the owner, most of the guests in here are women and regular customers. Whether it’s rainy or sunny,it’s always a great place to enjoy tea time with friends.
Access:Tokyo metro 11 exit walking 100 metres

Hidden in the crowded and fashionable Shibuya, it  is a nearly 30-year old Showa era cafe. Most of the guests in the store are middle-aged and old people, couples or one person. There are also many foreign tourists who have come here for a visit.

Behind the barista are tea sets from Wedgwood and Royal Albert, famous British porcelain brands. The interior of all the coffee pots in the store is made of pure silver.
The same old Louis vuitton storage case can be seen  in the corner. The cabinet is filled with British decorations. 
Without much variety, the barista took the cake out of the refrigerator under the counter and carefully cut it to pieces for guests to enjoy immediately.
3.Bundan Coffee & Beer
Access:The Museum of Modern Japanese Literature

On the ground floor of the museum of modern Japanese literature,
there is such a shop for lunch and afternoon tea. Their menus are named after food or drink found in the works of modern Japanese writers.
・谷崎潤一郎 『蓼喰ふ虫』
4.Moon Factory Coffee
Address:teramu building, sanngenncyaya 1 chrome, setagayaku, Tokyo

It is said that those who commute on the Den’en-toshi sen can spend a whole day at this all-night coffee shop. The store is quiet, and the guests are mostly office workers and students.

The coffee containers are in the shape of the moon as described in the name of the shop. Tables and chairs have very retro look. Books are placed everywhere to make guests feel at home. It’s really amazing that the lemon cake, which is smaller than the usual store, but the sweetness is just right and make people feel good.
5.From afar
A short walk past the asakusa monastery brings you to the warehouse cafe in the narrow alley.

There are even lines outside during rush hours. The restaurant is divided into a flower room and a dining room. It should be noted that the flower room can be photographed, but the decoration of the interior dining room cannot be photographed.
The waiters are dressed in foreststyle, as the guests, most of whom are women wearing long cotton dresses with film cameras on their backs. Peach jelly is very recommended for drinks. The warehouse coffee is as quiet and low-key as the asakusa temple.